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Christie Allen Celebrates 10 years with Lais Dentistry

We would like to take a minute to give a special recognition to Christie Allen for her 10 years of service as a hygienist with our practice! Christie's passion for quality dentistry is evident through her teamwork and dedication to each and every patient. She represents our practice well as an ambassador for carrying out our

CPR Update and OSHA Review

We recently did our CPR and OSHA review!

Stabilizing your Dentures for Comfort and Function

We have become passionate about learning more about dentures over the past several years. Early in our dental practice we saw a new patient who was in her thirties and had dentures since she was sixteen years old. She had absolutely no bone left and could not wear her dentures. Back then we did everything

Health-Driven Dentistry vs. Insurance-Driven Dentistry

Many people don’t realize that dental insurance can be quite a bit different than medical insurance and part of that difference is with the limited coverage provided by many dental insurance plans. Often times the patient’s coverage does not include protection against aspects of the disease process, which is important for follow up treatment. Limited Coverage Insurance

Gum Disease

Most people know what a cavity is. It occurs when food left on the teeth causes acid to eat away at the enamel and cause a rotten area of the tooth. But what exactly is gum disease? Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease. Often, people are not even aware they have gingivitis. One of

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Dr. Lais is one of the few dentists in the state of Arkansas who is licensed to provide I.V. sedation, which is the safest way to sedate a patient..

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Have you always wanted a nicer smile? Straighten you teeth with clear invisible braces...

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Are you a candidate for dental implants? Missing tooth, pain when chewing, embarrassed to smile?...

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