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Bonding can be used to correct decayed, discolored or misshapen front teeth. Bonding is a process where we use a similar type of material that is used for the tooth colored fillings on the back teeth but we have some specialized types of composite materials with varying translucencies where we can rebuild a tooth with more accurate shading. A tooth is not the same color all the way through and a restoration shouldn’t be that way when it is finished. The inside part of the tooth dentin has more opacity and coloration to it than the enamel part of the tooth and we now have composite materials that allow us to do a layering technique and recreate that same type of translucency and light reflection that you get from a natural tooth structure.

Bonding -vs. – Veneers

Initially, bonding can be used to make the teeth look as nice, or nicer, than veneers. However, the bonding material is a composite that will wear with brushing and can stain overtime, creating the need for occasional recoating. Alternatively, using Veneers that are placed properly and sealed well will have a longer life expectancy than bonding. They will also maintain their shine, brilliance, and translucency because the composite is a porcelain material that is not going to change over time.

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