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Dr. Lais is always thinking of ways we can improve our patient care. Many patients dread getting numb due to the “needle”. Now there is a new way to make that needle slide in like butter without pain and it is called Onset from Orapharma.

The pain associated with an injection is mainly attributed to 3 factors—

  1. The pain from the physical trauma of the needle piercing the tissue
  2. The expansion of the tissue as the anesthetic is injected
  3. The acidity of the local anesthetic solution itself as it is deposited into the tissues

Local anesthetics are powders that are insoluble in water. Because the anesthetics are weak bases, they must be packaged as an acid that is approximately the pH of lemon juice. When we give an injection of local anesthetic, we create a wound with the needle and then bathe that wound with lemon juice. Hence the “bee sting” effect for the patient.

Buffering of local anesthetic solutions with a sodium bicarbonate has been researched thoroughly in the medical literature for over 80 years. The whole buffering process takes less than 10 seconds. Using the sodium bicarbonate buffered solution gives anesthetic more of a neutral pH, which makes it less irritating to the tissue without the burning while giving faster results. Typically it takes 10 to 15 minutes for the “numb lip” sign of anesthesia. Using the buffered solution, we normally have profound numbing signs within 2 to 5 minutes!

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