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Diane’s Story

“Thank you for creating my beautiful new smile! After meeting with Dr. Lais and staff, I knew I could trust him with all my dental needs. With his expertise and knowledge, I now not only have a beautiful smile, but have regained my self-confidence. The care and compassion Dr. Lais has for each and every patient shows in his beautiful work. Dr. Lais and staff, I can\’t thank you enough for all the wonderful care.” – Diane

Libbey’s Story

“I am perfectly pleased with my experience with Dr. Lais. I’m 86 years old and I started going to him a couple years ago. He’s given me complete crowns on all my teeth. I tell my kids that I’m leaving everything to them when I pass on, but I’m taking these things [crowns] with me! I’ve wanted all my life to improve my smile and he did that for me. I continue to visit Dr. Lais every four months and the experience is just great. They are so good to me and treat me like I’m a V.I.P. They’ve even sent me flowers. Now that’s V.I.P. treatment! On a scale of 1 – 10, he rates a 10. He’s like a son to me and always gives me a hug before I leave. He makes me feel at ease, compliments me, and makes me feel that I am so special” – Libbey

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