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A regular cleaning should be a preventative measure where we are just cleaning off the teeth and above the gum line, removing stains and minor build up off the teeth, and in a healthy mouth that has healthy gums. Far too often, we see people come in who already have stage one or two periodontal gum disease. This includes deep pockets, build up underneath the gums, and inflammation present. In this situation, regular cleaning is not enough to make this person healthy. In some places, this is all that is done for the patient and while it may clean them up a little, it will not make them healthy. Gum disease is the leading cause for why people lose their teeth so we are aggressive about treating it by getting the gums as healthy as possible and keeping them that way. The routine cleaning is what our patients once our patients are healthy to keep them healthy.

Individuals with gum disease of any form need a different type of procedure called scaling root cleaning. This is a much more involved procedure than just cleaning teeth because it removes build up and toxins from below the gum line, turning the pocket into a clean wound, and makes the gums healthier.

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