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We take a series of seven bite wing x-rays where we check between the front and back teeth for decay. These x-rays keep us from missing something that may need attention and give our patient confidence that we have taken a good look at everything and that if we tell them they are in good oral health, they can be confident that we have thoroughly looked.

Another type of x-ray that we use is the panoramic x ray. These x-rays give us a view of the joints themselves to determine their health, and most importantly, it allows us to look at the lower jaw and the angle of the jaw. This x-ray is important because ninety percent of all cysts and tumors occur in that part of the jaw bone and that is usually in relation to a wisdom tooth or some remnant of the sack that the tooth formed in. These tumors should be found early. This x-ray also allows us to show our patients the relationship of the sinus to the upper teeth. In the spring and fall many patients have tooth aches that are actually sinus inflammation from allergies or colds.

Another x-ray that is available in our area is an iCat x-ray, which is a three dimensional x-ray that shows the shape of the skull. These x-rays are used for major implants where we are concerned about the volume of the bone.



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