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Over the past few years, we have become more and more passionate about educating the public and ourselves about dentures. We have had patients with teeth so bad they had to wear dentures in their teens. Eventually, they had no bone left and could not wear dentures anymore. We do not want that to happen to our patients, so we dedicated ourselves to learning more about dentures.

Dentures in Arkansas

Back then, we did everything known at the time to help our patients. This led us to become life-long students of dentistry. It’s a good thing that today, we have a better understanding of how the oral and dental areas work. We have better solutions, better treatments, and most of the answers to common problems.

Our newest technology gives us plenty of options, such as bone grafting, implants, and other stabilizing methods. However, patients are going to be orally handicapped if they loses their teeth and simply put plastic over the gums.

For this reason, we provide the best restoration processes that we can while making sure that the replacements are functional and aesthetic. This approach makes the patient look as if they have their original teeth. That was a problem for most dentures in the past because the neutral zone between the tongue and lip moves back as the lower jaw shrinks.

One of the things we do with our dentures in Northwest Arkansas is to work with our patients. With their help and feedback, we can check their level of tolerance, determine the correct fit, and figure out where the dentures should be. As a standard of care, someone who is missing a lot of bone in the lower jaw should have implants, if possible.

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