the difference

calming experience

We’ve intentionally designed a peaceful and calming environment to ensure you can relax and rest easy during your visit. With our revolutionary NuCalm stress-relieving treatment to a variety of sedation options, we’re making dental anxiety a thing of the past.

the difference

Biology-based Systemic Solutions

While many dental practices are merely reactive, we’re also proactive and forward thinking in our approach. In addition to treating existing dental issues, we also seek to lay a biology-based, systemic foundation for our patient’s long-term oral health.

Photo of Dr. Lais and a paitent looking at a 3D X-Ray image on a screen

patient education

Dr. Lais is passionate about ensuring patients fully understand their oral health and the wide range of possibilities and options for treatment solutions. Patients enjoy his transparent response to their questions and thorough explanations of expectations.

Complete Health and Dental Care

Most people don’t realize that their dental health is linked to their cardiovascular health, or that their jaw joints and mouth structure is linked to their sleep habits.  Dr. Lais evaluates each patient's overall health, utilizing a biological and systemic understanding and assessment for diagnosis and treatment.  This approach allows him to create beautifully functioning, long-lasting smiles.

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